What Our Participants Have Said

Over the past two decades, CRMS has coached strategic leaders from more than 40 churches & ministries from over 25 denominations through the Focusing Leaders network and Focused Living process.

Here are the reflections of some of the participants.

“CRMS has been a tremendous help in my growth as a pastor.” – A pastor

“Normally, I have about one significant insight every 6 months. But every time I meet with my CRMS coach, God teaches me something new.” – A seminary professor

“The Focusing Leaders Network has really made a difference in implementing my philosophy of ministry. It helped me think through how to apply it and has made it much more concrete.” – A pastor

“This process let me see more clearly where God is leading me.” – A church leader

“The network made a big difference in my life. God used it to give me focus and learn how to lead the congregation.” – A pastor

“This is the structure that I need for mentoring leaders.” – A ministry leader

“On the first day of the network, I didn’t have a clue what it was all about. Now I know the value of it, and all of our leaders need it.” – A mission leader

“Every network meeting is like a personal encounter with God.” – A pastor

“Focusing Leaders not only challenged me to focus on what matters, but also helped me to discover and understand myself better in God’s purpose and calling for me.” – A business leader

“Focusing Leaders is best mentoring curriculum I have ever come across.” – A pastor

“A great spiritual experience.” – A business leader

“Focusing Leaders helps me to be more aware of God’s will for my life.” – A pastor

“I see a real change in my life. I got a life-long grip on understanding my unique purpose (or calling) and the process of fulfilling my destiny.” – A mission leader

“I learned to be more sensitive to God’s guidance for my life, ministry, and mission.” – A pastor

“An excellent way to clarify my thoughts on my personal calling.” – A church leader

“I knew God wanted me to mentor my staff, and Focusing Leaders is just what I was looking for.” – A mission leader

“Now I have a better understanding of where I should be heading.” – A church leader


CRMS emphasizes mentoring the inner life, how leaders can develop a clear sense of calling, a sound philosophy of ministry, and the necessary skills to get the job done. God has indeed raised up CRMS for such a vital, strategic investment.” – Rev Edmund Chan, Covenant Evangelical Free Church