Focusing Leaders Network

What is Focusing Leaders Network?

The Focusing Leaders Network is a leadership development process delivered in a peer-mentoring environment with other leaders who are peers in ministry. The groups are led by a trained facilitator-coach. Being in a network brings strategic focus to the leader’s life and ministry through spiritual renewal, character formation and leadership development.

CRMS’ Focusing Leaders Network curriculum is based on insights from J. Robert Clinton’s research among 4,000 leaders from around the world. Dr. Clinton identified common traits among the 30% of Christian leaders who finish well, and also described common patterns of character development that God takes leaders through in their lifetime.

Through NOVO, leaders from over 5,000 church, ministry & business organisations have been coached through the Focusing Leaders Networks. A modified Focusing Leaders process is also used as a D.Min course at four USA-based seminaries including Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, CA.

Through Focusing Leaders Networks, leaders gain:

  • Clarity for their calling through developing a Personal Calling Statement.
  • A renewed perspective of God’s lifelong process in forming their character through developing a Personal Time-line
  • Purposeful plans for implementing their calling through the Roles to Goals process
  • Helpful resources for growth that God has put in their lives through the Mentoring Constellation

Who is it For?

Focusing Leaders Networks are organized for four constituencies:

  • Senior Pastors
  • Church workers
  • Mission leaders
  • Business leaders

Three Powerful Ingredients

  1. A stimulating curriculum designed to bring renewal through spiritual revival, character formation and skill development.
  2. An experienced coach dedicated to helping you discern and address your unique developmental needs.
  3. A supportive environment of peers encouraging each other to listen and respond to what God is saying about His purpose for your life.


Typically, Focusing Leaders Networks meet one full day a month for seven months, followed by an optional three additional days’ training to become a facilitator of the curriculum. Between monthly meetings there are one-on-one coaching appointments.

Participants & Cost

Each network consists of 3-8 participants led by 2-4 CRMS-trained facilitator-coaches. During the course of the year, each participant will receive 5 personal coaching appointments

The registration cost for being in a network is S$100. This includes the notebooks. Each Facilitator will ask for an offering at the beginning of your sessions, and we ask that participants give a love offering to the facilitator on your last session. In the past, the costs per participant were set at $700, but it was determined that this was prohibitive for some in joining. There is an additional cost of S$300 for those who choose to attend training afterward to become facilitator-coaches.

Focusing Leaders Networks are led exclusively by CRMS-trained facilitator-coaches. Only those who have successfully completed a Focusing Leaders Network may be trained to be a facilitator-coach.

To learn more about Focusing Leaders Networks, read our network brochure.