Focused Living Seminar

The Need

Today, more than ever, believers like yourself are searching for ways to recognize the hand of God at work in their lives. Discovering God’s unique shaping and calling in your life produces courage and hope in extraordinary ways. To know that the God of the universe is personally involved in our lives enables us to persevere, even thrive, during the turbulent times in which we live.

The Result

Participating in the Focused Living Seminar will enable you to:

  • Recognize God’s unique shaping in your life, including life-forming lessons and values
  • Increase your capacity to understand and process difficult times
  • Learn to help others understand their development
  • Gain greater focus for your life, personal ministry and personal growth through the development of a Personal Calling Statement.
  • Discover the possibilities for mentoring and being mentored that can help accelerate your spiritual growth and kingdom impact.

The Process

The Focused Living Seminar can be delivered in several different settings:

  1. In a small group, during small group meeting – This format utilizes a set of three CRMS self-guided Workbooks, and is ideal for cell groups, ministry teams and any ongoing small groups.
  2. At an intensive retreat, through 12-18 hours of group time – The retreat utilizes a special Retreat Workbook, and is ideal for church camp or a ministry leaders’ retreat.
  3. As a one-on-one discipleship tool – This format utilizes a set of three CRMS self-guided Workbooks, and is ideal for personal mentoring relationships.


Here’s a look at what a One-Day Focused Living Seminar includes:

8:30am – Worship & Welcome
9:00 – Personal Time-Line Development
11:00 – Break
11:30 – Biblical Purpose
12:30pm – Personal Vision
1:00 – Lunch & Vision Retreat
2:30 – Vision Debrief
4:00 – Break
4:30 – Life-Ministry Values
5:30 – Next Steps/Faith Challenge
6:30 – Adjourn

To learn more about our Focused Living Seminar, read our seminar brochure.