Mentoring is relational empowerment.

Our staff and facilitators come alongside Christian leaders to help them grow in their spirituality and in their leadership. We want to personally help them hear and obey God’s voice more faithfully, and serve him more fruitfully.

We do that in one-to-one mentoring relationships, and we create learning communities and ministry partnerships where that takes place.

We do not believe in one-size-fits-all mentoring. Although we start with a mentoring curriculum (Focusing Leaders), we believe the most important question in mentoring is what the mentoree wants. We help mentorees discover how God is working in their lives, and where they most need to grow.

How we operate:

  • We operate as coaches, bringing encouragement and perspective and good questions to help the mentoree discover what the Lord is saying to them and determine next steps for action.
  • We operate as teachers, sharing insight into the ways God develops leaders over a lifetime.
  • We operate as sponsors, providing resources and connections to help Christian leaders be more effective.
  • We operate as counsellors, providing a listening ear and support on different kinds of challenges and opportunities our mentorees face.
  • We operate as spiritual guides, bringing sensitivity to the Holy Spirit and reflecting back to the mentoree what we sense God is saying to them.

Behind all of these roles is the commitment to the mentoree’s growth, walking alongside them to help them learn and develop, and not replacing that with a quick fix of the mentor’s solutions to their problems.

Our emphasis on the mentorees growth consistently falls into three areas of development:

  1. Character Formation — growing in Christlikeness, putting godliness into practice
  2. Ministry Formation — growing in calling, discerning God’s leading and direction
  3. Skill Formation — growing in giftedness, influencing God’s people for God’s purposes

Most of our seminars (especially Focused Living), as well as our mentoring networks and ministry partnerships, are designed to be highly relational. We limit the number of participants and include reflection exersizes and group discussion. Our goal is to be able to go beyond the seminar, to help the participants put their learning into practice. And our goal in the mentoring networks is to create ongoing helpful relationships, and ultimately help the mentorees develop into mentors.

We believe the measure of our ministry in the long run will not be how many mentorees we have developed, but rather, how many mentors we have developed.

Learn about Focusing Leaders as a mentoring curriculum here.