Vision, Values & Methods


We envision being able to help facilitate Singaporean Christian leaders to “finish well” and be fruitful in living out the destiny God calls them to. We envision that CRMS will impact leaders, so that they will likewise impact their nation, the region and the world.

Our Values

  • Character – The heart of our ministry is character formation – more leaders, more like Christ.
  • Relationship – Our primary ministry methodology is creating empowering relationships – leaders building leaders.
  • Mission – Empowerment results in greater vision and passion for reaching the world.
  • Spiritual Passion – In everything we do, we desire God’s will in God’s way for God’s glory above all else.

Our Methods

Developing spiritual leaders is a highly relational process, so we do it in personal settings, usually over extended periods of time. We establish learning communities and mentoring relationships where leaders are nurtured and inspired to fulfill their God’s given calling.

Facilitating small groups for spiritual renewal, character growth and leadership skill development. These methods include:

  • Focusing Leaders Networks
  • Focusing Leaders Seminar
  • Focusing Workbooks (self study)